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About Steel Wagon Wheels

Steel Wagon Wheels, Decorative Steel Wagon Wheels and Functional Steel Wagon Wheels. Yesterdays Handmade Steel Wagon Wheels made in the USA Today. For Many Years we have been building wagon wheels, wagons, and wood products.

Steel Wagon Wheels

Our Steel Wagon Wheels comes in the following standard sizes, 36", 30", 24", 18", 16" 14", 12, 10" and 8". Rubber (shown here) can be placed on our 36", 30", 24", 18", 14" and 10" steel wagon wheels. Remember, when adding rubber, it adds two (2) inches of diameter to the wheels.

We also have 16" and 24" Heavy Duty Steel Wheels that are 3" wide with a lip for even more strength for the wheel, both wheels have bearings.

There are many uses for our Steel Wagon Wheels from garden and yard décor, to functional yard carts and wagons, decorative yard cars and wagons.  Many or our steel wagon wheels are used for display carts for their products; from clothing stores to grocery stores you will find our carts and steel wagon wheels on display carts.

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